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What Is Sidekicks AI?

Sidekicks AI is your smart companion in the metaverse. It talks to you in real-time and follows you as you explore the game world. Simply use your microphone to start a conversation.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Chat: Sidekicks AI isn't just a programmed response; it talks to you in real-time, making your game experience more interactive.

  • Companion in the Metaverse: As you navigate through the game, Sidekicks AI is right there with you, adding a layer of companionship and engagement.

  • Voice-Activated: No need for complex controls. Just speak into your microphone to communicate with Sidekicks AI.

From Concept to Reality

We've combined world-class engineering, artistic excellence, and cutting-edge AI technology to create Sidekicks AI. From its meticulously crafted 3D model to its AI-powered metaverse, Sidekicks AI is more than a character—it's a groundbreaking interactive experience. We invite you to explore this new frontier with us.

From Sketch To 3d Model

Sidekicks AI is our brainchild, built from the ground up. Our collaboration with PIXAR engineers and a dedicated team has resulted in a top-tier 3D model that sets a new benchmark for quality and interactivity.

Rigged 3d Model

We developed a fully rigged 3D model for Sidekicks AI, complete with a range of animations. This allows the character to move and interact in a lifelike manner, enhancing the user experience.

Collaborative 3D Modeling

We partnered with some of the best in the business to bring Sidekicks AI to life. Our collaborative team included engineers from PIXAR and graduates from the School of Visual Arts (SVA). Together, we've crafted a 3D model that is not only functional but also a visual masterpiece. The character we've created sets a new standard for interactive design and user engagement.

Pioneering an AI-Infused Metaverse

Our work didn't stop at design. We took it a step further by developing a metaverse that's powered by cutting-edge AI technology. Our in-house team of experts built a custom AI model that allows Sidekicks AI to interact with users in real-time. This isn't just a game; it's an interactive experience that redefines what's possible in digital spaces.

Alfred: A Fully-Formed Character in a Rich World

Alfred isn't just a standalone character; he's part of a larger, meticulously crafted world that includes a suite of other characters we've created. This isn't just character design; it's world-building on an ambitious scale

Unreal Engine Environment

We utilized Unreal Engine to craft a stunning, high-fidelity 3D world. This allows users to explore and interact in an environment that's as beautiful as it is engaging.

Kid & Brand Friendly

Designed with younger audiences in mind, our game environment and AI are specifically tailored to be kid-friendly. This focus has also made us an attractive proposition for brand collaborations.

GPT Integration for Real-Time Interaction

Thanks to our integration of GPT technology, users can converse with Alfred in real-time using their microphones, adding another layer of immersion to the experience."

Gamified Learning Experience

Gamified Learning Experience

Our platform isn't just about exploration; it's about education. Users can earn coins and complete missions that teach valuable lessons, blending real-time AI and game mechanics for a truly immersive learning experience.

Merging Unreal Engine With AI

The AI Revolution: Holographic AI Assistant

We've gone beyond software to create one of the most advanced pieces of AI hardware available—a holographic AI assistant that responds in real-time. Coupled with a range of 3D characters and physical models, we offer a unique and customizable user experience.

Our crowdfunding campaign raised $800,000 targeted for our holographic AI hardware. We are currently in discussions with leading toy companies worldwide and have expanded our technology into the metaverse and other verticals."

Crowdfunding Milestone and Its Broad Impact

Our crowdfunding campaign successfully secured over $800,000 in funding for our holographic AI hardware. This financial backing has been a cornerstone in advancing our technology and expanding its applications. We've been able to implement our products into several verticals, including kiosks, infotainment systems, and toys. Additionally, the funds have enabled our team to travel internationally, presenting our work and engaging with interested parties across the globe. This campaign has played a pivotal role in both the development and diversification of our project.

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