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CREATURES exemplifies our expertise in leveraging gaming to expand artist IP into new revenue streams and experiences. We partnered with indie artist BillyRacxx to bring his creative vision to life across digital and physical platforms.


Expanding Artist IP into Revenue

The successful launch of BillyRacxx's NFT collection generated over $300k in sales. We then released a game on our own server which generated hundreds of play hours. We rewarded the holders by  organizing a sponsored live tournament around the game brought in $20k while expanding the IP's reach. This project shows the ability to create new IP and monetize across multiple verticals.

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Toy Manufacturing Deal

Securing a major toy production partnership demonstrated synergies between digital IP and physical collectibles. The $250k deal brought the character to life as a figurine, available at retail.


Custom Emotes

Leveraging the recognizable IP, we created purchasable emotes replicating the character's mannerisms for use in-game. The emotes performed well, adding an additional in-game monetization stream.


2D Animated Content

We expanded the narrative universe through an animated series utilizing the signature character. Releasing episodic content allowed us to retain audience engagement over time.

Expanding Artist IP Into Revenue

Our Launch On STEAM

The game saw instant traction on STEAM early access, drawing 300k+ impressions organically. With no marketing budget, we were able to acheive thousands of dollars in revenue and over 5,000 play hours.

Content Offerings

CREATURES has been activated several verticals including Fortnite, Roblox, and STEAM. In addition CREATURES has been used for virtual concerts, 2d/3d content, and a myriad of other platforms. This showcases the vast potential for vritual IP across multiple platforms.

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